Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thrifty Thursdays: Future Refashions

Hopefully, this Thrifty Thursday will be a twofer! All the items I bought on a recent Goodwill trip are bound for some facelifts, which (if they ever get completed), will be blog posts in the future. Is that cheating?

White Tank Top (Talbots) - $3.50 
I'm thinking of somehow making the neckline into a necklace, or maybe putting it on a sweater or something... The shirt is just too short and I'm not a fan of the material either, but the beading on the neckline was worth the purchase!

Tan & Black Tank Top (Worthington) - $3.50 
I'm not a fan of cap sleeves (my shoulders are too broad to pull them off) so I'm planning on making this otherwise adorable top into a tank. Should be a pretty easy fix!

Jeans - $5.00 each
I bought these jeans for several different projects, including a super cute clutch. Eventually, I'll find the time to actually sit down and do some real sewing... Maybe Christmas break? ;)

Have you found any fun re-purpose projects your local thrift store lately?


  1. I have a boxful of items that I bought to refashion for $1 each at the swap meet! Alas, I only did one so far because I'm such an overplanner when it comes to picking out the best way to refashion it. :) I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

    1. I love the blouse refashion! I'm a sucker for things like buttons or zippers on the backs of tops, so your refashion is right up my alley! Hopefully I'll get around to mine, only time will tell :)