Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays (Saturday Edition): DIY Home Solutions

I apologize for this week's Thrifty Thursday being so late! I had the ServSafe test on Friday, which I had totally forgotten about until Tuesday. So, other than class on Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent the rest of the week working my way through 14 modules on foodborne illnesses, cross-contamination, and proper sanitation techniques. Friday morning I took the test, which turned out to be much easier than I had anticipated. Oh well, at least it's over and I can relax!

This week I'd like to focus on DIY solutions for the house. There are so many great ways to help save money around the house, and for the most part they're better for the environment and your family, due to the lack of harsh chemicals and waste. 

Orange "Shine-All" from Capernaum Home is an all natural, all purpose cleaner made from orange peels and white distilled vinegar. It doesn't get much easier, or much cheaper, than that!

These "Unpaper towels" from Cottontail Babies are probably my favorite item in this post. We go through a TON of paper towels in this house, and even though we buy eco-friendly ones, they're still a huge waste. I've seen these sold on Etsy as well, so if you're not a sewer you can always buy a roll or two. A simple wash in the laundry with regular towels and you're good to go again. Start up costs will be a little higher than a roll of paper towels, but these will last much longer!

These Freezer Friendly/Make Ahead Meals may not seem like a thrifty item, but if you think about all the food that gets tossed because it went bad before you used it, it really is. I try super hard to make sure I use all fresh ingredients before they go bad, and I buy a lot of frozen items because they last longer. However, I still end up throwing out fresh produce, or dairy products, almost every week. Head on over to What's Cookin, Chicago? for the recipes and more details!

With having two huge dogs (plus my BIL's two dogs) in the house, we go through a TON of Fabreze. So, I was immediately drawn to this "Fake Fabreeze" from Fake-It Frugal. The 'fake it' cost is $0.15 per bottle, whereas Febreze is generally $5.59 per bottle (depending on size and sale times, of course). That's a HUGE savings, especially if you use it as often as we do!

Last, but certainly not least, are these Four Homemade Cleaners from Macheesmo. Just like the unpaper towels, the start up cost will be a little more than purchasing the cleaners pre-made at the store, but it will pay off in the end!

Of course, all of these thrifty ideas will take a little more time and effort (and in some cases, start up costs) than their store-bought counterparts, but they will more than pay off in the end! What are some of your favorite DIY solutions for around the house?

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  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing! Also, thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower:)
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